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Four Wednesdays, beginning September 11
from 6-7pm


Article 4 of the Irish constitution adopted in 1937 states that Éire is the name of the state, or in the English language, Ireland. Some Irish wit named the state "DevelEire". Eire demonstrated its independence from Britain by remaining neutral in World War 11. The Republic of Ireland Act 1948 provided for a 26-county Irish Republic. Whittaker Report brought an end to the policy of protectionism and an emphasis on export-led foreign direct investment. The Arms Crisis of 1969 as the 6-counties erupted in war. 

By 1948 the country had been ruled by Fianna Fáil for sixteen years and most people wanted a change. The opposition parties in the Dáil came together to form a coalition government after the election in 1948. 
1940's War time emergency, Internment and execution of IRA members. Eire neutral during WW2. 
-1949 Eire becomes the Republic of Ireland and in 1957 Eamon De Valera becomes president.
-1950's The "Dark Decade" of mass emigration. Major church state crises on "Mother and Child" scheme. Ending of protectionism. First programme of economic expansion.
-1960's Economic growth, emigration decline, television arrives, Irish conservatism challenged, meeting between O'Neill and Lemass, Nelson's Pillar demolished by the IRA.

This class meets in the Photography & Digital Arts Studio on the lower level of the Education Wing.


No materials required other than a notebook and pen.

Sean Murphy is from Ireland and has studied the Economic, Social and Political History of Ireland and has a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree in Sociology and Politics. He teaches Irish set and ceile dancing and traditional Irish music at venues on Cape Cod and Nantucket. He is also involved in promoting Irish music sessions and cultural events. In 2014 he was awarded the Thomas P McCann "Altruism Award" trophy by the Cape Cod St. Patrick's Day Committee for his "support and commitment to the Culture and Heritage of Ireland and its people." 

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