• $175.00


Five Tuesdays, beginning October 1
from 10am-noon


Join Odin in a series of sessions that change their directive each month and are devoted to working in a smaller and more intensive learning environment, to improve specific artistic skills.

In October, we will be addressing painting sand and sand dunes. Who knew painting sand would be such a challenge!? Fearless Painters will be working on mixing color and understanding how light affects the appearance of sand, as well as distinguishing the color differences of sand in different areas of the world. They will learn how to make dunes have definition and balance with subtle value changes and brush strokes. Painters will also be exploring how low light and shadows change the color of sand and how to create a painting of dunes with depth and interest.

Please be prepared with your own reference material, including some good photos of dunes, paints, brushes, all supplies and any size canvases.

These classes are designed to help artists to become more confident in their own skills and bring a sense of self and creativity to their own work. Taking risks will be encouraged! Must be on an intermediate to advanced level, and must have their own acrylic supplies, including canvases. This class meets on the upper level of the Education Wing.


Students are at a level where they have their own supplies.


Odin Kaeselau Smith is a native Cape Cod artist known for her ability to capture the landscape in a unique manner. Her artistic process is greatly inspired by her love for the beauty of the land, sea and sky, and the endless sources of subject matter that surround her. Her paintings are frequently inspired by the beautiful Cape Cod images that have imprinted themselves on her senses since she was a very small child. She enjoys portraying subjects in a manner that fills them with light, energy, emotion and life. Her choice of subject matter often shifts as she moves through life. As her view of the world expands, she chooses subjects that reflect her desire for peace, love for the beauty of nature, exploration of color and texture, and even her sense of humor. Odin comes from an artistically talented family. She has a strong connection to her family’s roots which stem from the heart of the Provincetown art colony, in the days of Charles Hawthorne. The influence can be seen in her work, especially her great attraction to painting moving water. She is the granddaughter of the late Charles Anton Kaeselau, a Provincetown artist, who holds an important place in the Cape’s art history, and her paternal grandmother, Marguerite Benjamin Kaeselau was also an accomplished artist and illustrator. Odin's grandparents have always been an inspiration and influence in her life. Her 5 sons also show artistic promise in many ways. Odin Smith is an acrylic, pastel and watercolor artist who believes that each painting or illustration is a discovery and education in itself, and is always open to new artistic ideas. As an art instructor for many years, she has been able to share the experience and enjoyment of her own artistic exploration with many others. She has won several awards, and has shown in many juried exhibitions. She is currently represented by Gallery Antonia, in Chatham MA. Her studio may be visited at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod in South Yarmouth, MA. She may be contacted by email at

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