Paper Paintings March


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Mondays, March 23 & 30
from 6-8pm


This mixed media collage class will be held over the course of 2 sessions. In the first session, we will cover hand painting your own papers using a variety of techniques. We will also complete the “underpainting”, wherein students will paint a simple design of their choosing. I suggest relatively simple animals like octopuses to start, but students are free to paint anything they wish. The underpainting will focus on basic colors and simple shading to indicate light and shadow and give form to the subject. In the second course, students will use the papers they hand painted, along with other found materials they may have brought with them. This class will focus on how to rip paper with and without white edges and how to effectively apply it over top of their painting and keep everything flat. No prior mixed media or collage experience is necessary. Some painting would be helpful, but not imperative. This workshop is designed to be a fun environment to learn, create and explore. 
This class will meet in the Makerspace & Mentor Studio on the lower level of the Education Wing. 

Paper, paints and tools will be provided. If you have paper that you would like to use for your work feel free to bring it to the class, wallpaper, sentimental cards or notes, any maps or other ephemera you may have. Bring a canvas or a wood panel, somehwere between 10"x10" and 16"x20". 

Also a reference picture of what you would like to paint, at about the angle you want to paint it.  So, if you wanted to do an elephant in profile, do a quick google search for "elephant profile" and print out one that looks pretty close to the shape and scale you are aiming for. (Or find one in a national geographic or wherever)  This can be a photograph or a drawing and does not have to be a high quality image - we're going to use it for proportions and ideas around highlights / shadows and contrast. 

I am a traveler and a maker, and for me, those two things are inextricably linked. I crave new experiences and abhor routine. So, in part because I’ve been lucky, and in part because I didn’t know how to do it any other way, I’ve traveled fairly extensively domestically and internationally and lived in London and Western Australia in addition to the United States. As a human (and an artist), I aim to make myself uncomfortable. I like to put myself (usually alone) in a totally foreign situation. I find in those moments, where everything is brand new, and I am really paying attention - far more acutely than I do in my day-to-day life, I feel the most alive. I think born out of those moments of almost panicked clarity, I find a lot of inspiration in a sense of place. Each place has its own color palette, in addition to its landscape, climate, architecture, food, language, sounds etc. (Cape Cod, for example, is off-whites and teals, compared to the rusty reds and oranges of the American Southwest.) Working in mixed media allows me to further evoke the spirit of a place by incorporating local elements like maps, flyers, feathers or sand.

I did both my undergraduate and graduate work at Saint Michael’s College in Burlington, Vermont. Burlington has a thriving art scene and it was a great place to be inspired and supported as I began my journey as an artist. I got my Master’s degree in Arts in Education, and perhaps the best part of that program was the great number of mediums I was able to explore. My coursework took me through pottery, dance, printmaking, film, digital art and animation, puppet-making, book binding, photography, painting and sculpture in addition to exposing me to dozens of other art forms.

Last year, I bought an ‘87 camper that I am in the process of turning into both a tiny house and a tiny studio so I can take my art on the road. I look forward to visiting new places, making myself uncomfortable, and allowing those new sights, sounds, and experiences to inform my art (and my mind).

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