Astrid Kuljanic of the Transatlantic Exploration Company Brings a New Sound to Cape Cod


  • $20.00


Sunday, May 3, at 3 pm.


Singer, arranger, and songwriter Astrid Kuljanic performs a blend of jazz standards, Brazilian samba and bossa nova, and traditional songs from Adriatic island of Cres. Her 2017 album Riva (One Trick Dog Records) is a testimony to the many roots that have influenced her sound, and the Carnegie Hall celebration of its release showcased her facility for flowing between Caribbean and Brazilian beats and racy Croatian ditties, between heartfelt ballads and upbeat romps. “It’s an exploration. I love exploring my roots, and I love learning about other music,” says Kuljanic. “You can take inspiration from all sorts of places, and over time, it becomes part of you. … One of the things that brought me into jazz is the freedom, the improvisation. Beyond that, it’s hard for me to figure out what my favorite style of music is. I’ve always loved rock and pop. I fell for folk. I love beautiful ballads and crazy fast pieces. You can hear it on this album, which has a different energy from song to song.” Astrid will sing and play percussion at the Cultural Center with Mat Muntz on the bass and meh (traditional Croatian bagpipes), bringing a Croatian tradition to a non-Croatian audience. “Everything about [this music] represents the symbolic path I’ve taken from Croatia to New York, to explore the music of the world while staying connected to the place from which I embarked. … It’s such an honor to get to share Cres’ treasures, Croatian culture, and the many other sounds I’ve made my own along the way.” Join us as she shares her music in the Cultural Center’s intimate but acoustically stellar Great Hall. Tickets are $20. Refreshments are complimentary.

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