Guitarist Peter Ciluzzi, in Concert


  • $20.00


Saturday, May 30, at 7:30pm.


“Transcendent,” writes Acoustic Guitar Magazine. Bridge Guitar says, “A truly gifted guitarist but foremost a first-class composer and musician…who is able to touch a person’s soul with so much warmth and impact.” They’re both right. Guitarist Peter Ciluzzi transports listeners on a journey through virtuosic, evocative compositions that tell a story without words. With a distinctive, timeless sound that is both familiar and unexpected, his music defies easy categorization and reflects a wide range of influences including jazz, rock, classical, and world music. He was a finalist in the 2007 Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Competition and has performed alongside renowned guitarists such as Gareth Pearson, Ian Ethan Case, and Ewan Dobson. His works released on Candyrat Records include his debut album “Music Without Words,” and the 2016 follow-up album “Still Without Words.” $20. Complimentary refreshments.

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