ONLINE-Kitchen Table Clay with Holly Heaslip


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Five Wednesdays, beginning March 3
from 10-11:30am


Your class confirmation email will contain the Zoom class link. 

This class meets online on Zoom beginning at 10am on Wednesday, March 3.

Kitchen Table Clay aka KTC!

Yes, you can do pottery at home on your kitchen table or really anywhere! With just a few inexpensive everyday items and your own two hands as your primary tools, you will make a mug, bowl, and other simple pottery pieces and have plenty of fun doing it. Any tools you don’t already have in your home or garage are easy to find at a craft or hardware store. Clay really isn’t very messy and will wash off of any surface easily! Safe pickup of your clay at the Cultural Center will be from 12-5pm on the Tuesday before your first Wednesday morning class. Please note that in order to have the clay prepared, registration will close at noon on the Sunday prior to the start of class. The final class will be held in the Owl Hall in the Education Wing of the Cultural Center. The large space will allow us to glaze our pieces, masked and comfortably distanced. No experience necessary! Just a positive attitude and a sense of humor!

Please note, registration for this class ends on Sunday, February 28 at noon so clay pick up can be coordinated. 



If you have any questions please contact Holly. She can give you alternatives for most all of these items if you can find not them or would rather not purchase them!

-1 piece of canvas duck(1/2 yard) OR 1 piece sheetrock (wallboard). This will be your work surface. Joanne Fabrics has cotton duck. Home Depot has small, square pre-cut sheets of wallboard (used to patch walls). You will need to cover the edges of the wallboard with duct tape or similar. You may cut the canvas or wallboard to fit your workspace but please no smaller than 18”x18”.

-Rolling pin (standard size) that’s 10” of the roller length not including handles. Can be larger just not smaller. Borrow if you don’t have one or the Dollar Store and Job Lot are inexpensive sources.

-Two dowels, square or round 1/4”. These are our guides to roll out a 1/4’ thick slab to work with. Paint stirring sticks will work but you will need 4 to make one pair of 1/4” guides.

-X-acto knife, box cutter, utility knife.

-Dry cleaning plastic. Ask friends if you don’t have any or buy a bag at the Dry Cleaners.

- Small lidded container for water

-Small artist paintbrush (like the kind in a children’s art kit)

-Pottery tool kit (This is optional but very helpful) Michaels Crafts carries these or one may be purchased on line. Just goggle “pottery tool Kit or 8 piece Pottery Tool kit. These are about $10-$13 dollars. Michaels has coupons online that will bring the price down even more.

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You will be able to login 15 minutes before the class start time. We recommend logging in before the class starts to make sure you are settled in and ready to go when the class is set to begin.

If you are new to Zoom, please note that we will not be able to help with the app. It is strongly recommended that you navigate Zoom on your own before the class starts to get to know the mute and video settings. Try it out by talking with a friend or family member who has the Zoom app.  The Cultural Center uses Zoom to conduct online classes, and I understand that the Zoom meeting will be recorded. By participating in the class, I consent to be recorded and place no restrictions on distribution of the recording.

A Cape Cod native, Holly began her journey with clay as an apprentice at Brewster Pottery. Being completely smitten, she continued on to complete a Bachelors degree in Art Education at Skidmore College. From there it was on to The School for American Craftsman at Rochester Institute of Technology where she received an MFA. The next years were spent teaching in New York state and as an Artist-in-Residence at ArtPark on the Niagara River in Lewiston, NY. Eventually the ocean beckoned and she returned home to Barnstable Village where she established her studio, Bay Scallop Pottery. Working on the potter's wheel and with hand building techniques, Holly makes contemporary functional ware. Her inspiration comes from life near the seashore. It is her hope that her pottery speaks in a clear quiet manner reflecting her love of place.

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