ONLINE- Writing Your Own Obituary with John S. Parke


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Thursday, April 22 from 10am-11:30am
Thursday, April 29 from 11am-noon


This class meets online beginning Thursday, April 22 at 10am. Your class confirmation email will contain the Zoom class link. 

Have you ever read an obituary and cringed? Perhaps it wasn’t very flattering or didn’t seem to capture the person’s life as you think they would have wanted, or the content was so brief and generic that you were left asking, "I wonder what the real story of that person’s life was?" Why leave the writing of your obituary up to a family member or friend when you can tell your own story? Attend this class and write your own obituary in the company of people who won’t criticize or judge you. In this fun and friendly program, we will look at this interesting tradition, review different styles of obituaries, talk about what makes a good obituary, and go over some common do's and don'ts. Then you'll write your own obituary, which you can choose to share with the group for discussion and feedback, or not. 

We've adapted this class to a Zoom format so you can participate from the comfort and safety of home. Now is the perfect time to complete this inspiring and necessary task!

Please bring a notebook and pen to take notes. 


You will need to be sure the Zoom app is installed on your device. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing a secure link to join the class. 

You will be able to login 15 minutes before the class start time. We recommend logging in before the class starts to make sure you are settled in and ready to go when the class is set to begin.If you are new to Zoom, please note that we will not be able to help with the app. It is strongly recommended that you navigate Zoom on your own before the class starts to get to know the mute and video settings. Try it out by talking with a friend or family member who has the Zoom app. The Cultural Center uses Zoom to conduct online classes, and I understand that the Zoom meeting will be recorded. By participating in the class, I consent to be recorded and place no restrictions on distribution of the recording.

John S. Parke is the Founder and President of Great Beyond Life, LLC, a company dedicated to helping people thoughtfully move through the process from life to personal legacy. Great Beyond Life is not affiliated with any church or religious organization. We welcome people from our shared global community to use our services, regardless of individual belief or philosophical orientation.

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