Bay Windows by Leo Thibault

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Bay Windows by Leo Thibault

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Bass River Press, an Imprint of the Cultural Center of Cape Cod

ISBN 9780578472393

Leo Thibault is a member of the Narrow Land Poets in Wellfleet. Over the years, he has attended workshops conducted by Galway Kinnell, Carolyn Forche, Martin Espada, Derek Walcott, Robert Pinsky, and others. His most recent awards have been at the 2016 Jacaranda Poetry Festival and the New Port Richey Art Festival in Florida, and the Veterans for Peace contest in Centerville, Massachusetts. His work has appeared in Prime Time, The Cape Codder, and The Aurorean. Thibault lives in Brewster, MA.


“There is something deeply satisfying about a poet with depth and range. Leo Thibault is such a poet. Microscopically, he examines ordinary experiences with tender appreciation—an elderly friend’s smile after visiting his ‘missus’ in a nursing home, a father gently kissing his sleeping son so as not to wake him, and a knife probing an oyster shell ‘for the life-and-death spot / in the hinged entrance.’ All these mundane moments build ‘the wondrous architecture and truth of a quiet life.’ Then, as Thibault shifts, with surgical skill, into the haunting last section, Beyond, he exposes the dark underbelly of our species—its complicity with cruelty. Poetry, Thibault declares in ‘Ars Poetica,’ ‘should be firm / as a tart Granny Smith.’ Additionally, it ‘needs to sing / the early warning / of the canary / in the dark.’ Each and every poem in Bay Windows does both. Dare to read this poetry collection from beginning to end, and over again.” -Alice Kociemba, author of Bourne Bridge


“I admire the poems in Leo Thibault’s Bay Windows for their keen and tactile description, and their accuracy, and the way the poems unfold with suspense and surprise, like presents. But what I revere most in them is their truthfulness. I feel here is a guide, a steady voice I can trust, follow as he explores the Cape and the world. Truth is always liberating, but in our time, jaded, and numbing; in which words have been devalued, it seems to have become a pleasure as well. It’s a joy to listen with him as our steps crunch on the winter beach, to lift our heads to the night sky with its ‘blackboard of stars.’” -Keith Althaus, author of Ladder of Hours and Rival Heavens



“As an anchor of sorts for ‘our lives out of balance’ (from the poem ‘Koyaanisqatsi’), this poet carefully regards the surface of things, particularly the on-going comfort of dailiness in [his] immediate surroundings. This poet is very much a citizen of the world. From the personal and local to international events, [his] aim is to determine truth and focus anger at injustice, while always returning to the connections that bring us together. I think readers of this manuscript will recognize and find consolation in this effort at wholeness.” -Cleopatra Mathis, author of What to Tip the Boatman? and White Sea






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