On the Loose by Judith Askew

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On the Loose by Judith Askew

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Bass River Press, an Imprint of the Cultural Center of Cape Cod

ISBN 9780692576373

Judith Askew was an editor and writer in several corporate settings and founded and publisher a women's health newsletter. Her writing career began during her college years at The Barnstable Patriot, where she wrote a column and articles during her summer break. Askew also co-edited an anthology of women's poems, Out of the Cellar, in the 1970s, which was published by D'Aurora Press. Her first collection of poetry, Here at the Edge of the Sea, was published by an independent press in 2008. Before focusing on her own poetry, Askew taught developmental writing for eight years as an adjunct professor at Cape Cod Community College. She lives in Cotuit, MA.

On the Loose covers all the rites of passage, including loss and sorrow, but a tone of genuine amusement and the resourceful idiom to make it believable are its reliable poetic allies. Full of pleasure and sensibility, this is a book that will make its readers happy.” ––Tony Hoagland, author of Donkey Gospel and What Narcissism Means to Me

“Because these poems don't seem to take themselves too seriously, they feel like a conversation ... with a friend willing to talk about almost anything that comes into her head ... and yet, quite often, delivering a momentary gust of wisdom, dark agnosticism, and even scathing indictment to remind you you're not really in a completely safe place, but with someone unafraid and even willing, without warning, to face terror. Treat yourself to this book. The companionship of Judith Askew is delightful and instructive too....” ––Alan Feldman, author of A Sail to Great Island and Happy Genius

On the Loose offers us this poet’s eloquent yet down-to-earth evocation of the predicaments and dilemmas of life in our time, especially those faced by women. ... poems that take the measure of our fundamental human desire for connection and the equally strong yearning of the spirit to be utterly free.” ––Fred Marchant, author of The Looking House and Tipping Point


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